Server Information

Young Bloods Ran Classic

October 14, 2017 at Exact 5:00pm (PH time)

4 Balanced Class
200 Max Level
Party Leveling
7 - 167 Skill
+9 Max Upgrade
No Reborn
Low Rate Server
Drop/Exp x5/x5
Quest Based
Hunt Based Server
Game time to Vote Points
Vote to earn V-points
V-points to E-points
E-points to V-points

Club Wars (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday at 7:00pm-8:00pm
*Superior Wars (SPW)(TBA)
*Official Tyranny (w/ battlefieldUI )(TBA)

+7 Weapon/Armors
+8 Rosa [5D]
+2pcs x2 Exp Rings [5D]
*Additional freebies when you Reach lvl 185
+9 and Max RV 185 Set and +9 Weapon on Chu King category.
Novice Kit (Tele card, Bus card, St. point pass, Back point pass)

*Cap Reward Box
Obli E
30pcs Mega phone

*Automatic Suryun Event (Wedding Hall)
Every Friday/Monday (6PM)

Cap Reward Event:
Top 5 Per CLASS each SCHOOL

Invite your friends and Conquer the game!

Official Group: